Connecting Unconnected Data - a Platform for Insights

About us

Mezzure is a young company over four years old, well-funded and based out of San Francisco and Pune. It is founded by IIT alumni who are some of the best Data minds in Silicon Valley with a history of over 6 successful Technology companies as entrepreneurs. The founders between them have a combined almost 200 years of Technology innovation experience and have built companies from start to exit.

Mezzure is a Technology platform as a result of extensive R&D in the area of Data Normalization and Search based Analytics. It is an extremely futuristic innovative technology emerging to be a winner against traditional methods of data and analytics.

Mezzure is growing its Product engineering team in Pune and is looking at engineers who can innovate, learn, take on challenges and do things they have not done before.

Mezzure promises that its success will be shared with all its team who will be part of its story. So if you are looking for a good challenge in the long term, a highly technology driven environment, a highly motivated and driven team to join, do connect with us.


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