Connecting Unconnected Data - a Platform for Insights is the only platform which collects data for all your Analysis from unconnected data sources, structured and unstructured, runs your mathematics and builds your visualizations Simple and Complete

Connect and collate data from all of your data sources Structured, Unstructured, Spreadsheets, Documents

Connectivity built of highly robust Tagging Algorithms which logically connect the unconnected

Build clusters of data to analyze without building backend infrastructure- Let the intelligence in the platform do the job

Uses Graph Intelligence to logically combine the science of data connectivity, data analytics mathematics and user demanded customizations

Completely Self Serve no coding skills required for Users

Implementation and maintenance require no specialized coding skills, very simple and very very quick- can be setup and begin usage in days

Visualizations and User Preferences are now a commodity work with the best

No coding required at all to implement any visualization, complex slicing and dicing, Selections, Charting, Custom aggregations

All connect using the power of Graph driven intelligence built in

Platform Overview


An agile, self-contained, standalone, single stack BI platform built on machine learning intelligence, a scalable data-control layer, and direct and easy access to all data sources

Works alongside existing BI infrastructure